Defqon.1 Weekend Festival reveals biggest line-up ever for 2023 edition starring Sub Zero Project, Rebelion, Headhunterz, Angerfist and over 350 other artists

The world’s biggest harder styles festival Defqon.1 will host over 350 artists, 4 days of stunning closing shows including loads of pyrotechnics, a jam-packed entertainment program with workouts, an air bed rave, Sunday Funday, POWER HOUR, and much more


Defqon.1 attracts 100,000 visitors from over 100 nationalities to experience the spectacular production with mind-blowing stage designs, pyrotechnics and visual effects


Defqon.1 Weekend Festival will take place from 22 to 25 June in Biddinghuizen, The Netherlands

Defqon.1, the world’s leading harder styles dance festival (22-25 June, 2023 in Biddinghuizen, The Netherlands) has revealed its monumental line-up for this year’s Weekend Festival – 4-days of hard-edged sounds and entertainment.  With tickets selling out in the blink of an eye last October, Defqon.1 decided to release an additional batch of weekend and day tickets available from 25 February, 13:00 CET. 


Revealed during their ‘The Release’ broadcast as thousands of ravers tuned in to watch an evening of entertainment and footage of previous Defqon.1 editions, this is a line-up to be reckoned with. The famous RED main stage features genre pioneer Act of Rage, D-Sturb, anthem makers Sub Zero Project together with Devin Wild, Ran-D, and successor Rebelion with a special Spotlight showcase. Meanwhile, the BLUE represents some of the biggest raw-hardstyle artists around, including Gunz For Hire, Cryex, Rejecta, Sickmode, Rooler and The Purge. While the BLACK shines the spotlight on the legendary Angerfist, Dr. Peacock, Mad Dog, Miss K8, and a special b2b freestyle hardcore set by Outsiders & Korsakoff.

As well as a spectacular end show every day, there’s so much on offer for attendees to enjoy aside from this stellar line-up. The Gathering will treat weekend pass holders to an incredible opening show on the Thursday, which will end with a closing show, The Tribute, at the UV. Friday afternoon sees Phuture Noize perform The Opening Ceremony, combining his DJ set with live elements to incredible effect. On Saturday, The POWER HOUR will see the crowd become part of a huge choreographed movement, making for a breathtaking piece of content, while the Warrior Workout at 11:00 on Saturday at the UV Stage keeps the energy going with a group of pro trainers lead the crowd in the world’s biggest ‘harder styles workout’.


Sunday Funday injects extra eye candy into the final day by inviting the crowd to dress up to their fullest for a colourful celebration of self-expression, and The Altar invites people to sacrifice their trainers to the Defqon.1 gods to create an unusual work of art. The innovative Open Air Bed Concert on Sunday will let people chill out on air beds at the BLACK Stage while a pianist plays renditions of harder styles classics before the area turns into a massive air bed rave. Finally, The Closing Ceremony on Sunday brings the festival to an end in mind-blowing fashion. During The Closing Ceremony, the ‚Godfather of Hardstyle‘ The Prophet will perform his last set ever, uniting the whole festival together at the RED Stage for an explosive finale.


In addition to all this, The Wasted Lands in the Defqon.1 Camping area will host after parties and crazy activities aplenty, including fire shows and a gaming area, with a wellness area for those who want to take things down a few notches


With tickets selling out in the blink of an eye last October, Defqon.1 decided to release an additional batch of weekend and day tickets available from 25 February, 13:00 CET. 


Full line-up (A-Z)
$aVVy -10 CLS -2▲1 -3 Blokes -Abaddon -A-RIZE -Act of Rage -Adaro -Adjuzt -Adrenalize -Afes -Aftershock-Alee -Alpha Twins -AlphaSick -ALT8 -Alter Ego -Altijd Larstig & Rob Gasd’rop -Amentis -Anderex -Angerfist -Angernoizer -AniMe -APEX -Apexx -APHØTIC -Aranxa -Art of Fighters -Artifact -ARYAN -Atmozfears -Adrenalize -Audiofreq -Audiotricz -Aversion -Avi8 -AXL -B-Front -B-Frontliner -Balistic -Barber -Bass Chaserz -Bass Modulators -Bass Ex Machina -Bass-D -Bassbrain -BENGR -Bianca Holst -Billx -Bloodlust -Boogshe -Brecc -Brennan Heart -Bright Visions -Broken Minds -Bulletproof -Cango -Caravel -CARDO -Catscan -Chaotic Hostility -Chapter V -Chain Reaction -Chris One -Clockartz -Code Black -Contest -Coone -Critical Mass -Crude Intentions -Cryex -Cryogenic -Crypsis -Crypton -DAE -Da Mouth of Madness -Dano -DANSOR -Da Syndrome -D-Attack -Da Tweekaz -Day-Mar -D-Block & S-te-Fan -D-Fence -D-Frek -D-Sturb -Darren Styles -Darzid -Davide Sonar -Dazzler -De Kraaien -De Nachtbrakers -Deadly Guns -Deathroar -Deepack -Degos & Re-done -Delius -Deluzion -Demi Kanon -Density -Devin Wild -Devocion -Digital Punk -Dimitri K -Dither -DJ Isaac -DJ Jean -DJ Rob & MC Joe -DJ The Prophet -DL -DNGN DRGNS -Domenico Fania -Donkey Rollers -Doormouse -Doris -Dr. Peacock -DRS -Dr. Rude -Drokz -Double D -DV8 -E-Force -Element -Embrionyc -Endymion -Ennik -Envine -Evil Activities -Ewa Pepper (violin) -Exodus -Exproz -F.Noize -Fantastic Four: Panic, Vince, The Viper, The Darkraver -Farrago -FeestDJRuthless -Fish & Rice -Flo -Floxytek -Francois -Franky Jones -Fraw -Frenchcore Familia -Frequencerz -Frontliner -Galactixx -Gammer -Geck-o -Gekke Sietse -Ghost in the Machine -Gridkiller -Griever -Gunz For Hire -Hard Driver -Hard Effectz -Hardstyle Pianist -Headhunterz -Henjo Techno Show -Hero Wouters -HKV -Horny Unicorny -Hysta -I:GOR -Igneon System -Ilja Reiman -Imperatorz -Imperial -Invector -Iridium -Irradiate -J.D.A. -Jason Payne „Goldschool“ -Jasper Broeks -Jay Reeve -JDX -JeBroer -JKLL -Jochem Hamerling -Jones -Juju Rush -Juliëx -Jur Terreur -K1 -Kamara -Karun -KELTEK -Kenai -Kilbourne -Killshot -Korsakoff -Kronos -Krowdexx -KRTM -Kruelty -Lady Faith -Lady Lanka -Lady Dammage -Lano -Le Bask -Level One -Lil Texas -Lip DJ -Livid -Lowie & Lowie -Luminite -Luna -Lunakorpz -Luner -Lydia -Mad Dog -Mayhem -Main Concern -Major Conspiracy -Malice -MANDY -Manu Le Malin -Marc Acardipane -Maria Paz -Mark with a K -Marty -Maxtreme -MBK -Mish -Misterius -Miss K8 -Mister Smile -MJAY -Mr. Ivex -Mutilator -N-Vitral -Naadt -Nan0dot -Nanostorm -Neika -Neroz -Never Surrender -Nexus -Noisekick -Nolz -Nosferatu -Noxiouz -ODS#23 -Offensive Rage -Omegatypez -Ominous -Omnya -OomJ -Ophidian -Outsiders -Oxya -Panic -Partyraiser -Pat B -Paul Elstak -Pavo -Phantom -Phuture Noize -Phyric -Physika -PL4Y -Preceptor -Prefix -Primeshock -Promo -Psyko Punkz -Quazar -Rabbeat -Radianze -Ran-D -Ransom -Re-Style -Rebelion -Refuzion -Regain -Rejecta -Releazer -Relianze -Repeller -Restrained -Retardo -Retrospect -Revilo -RG -Ricardo Carota -Riot Shift -Robs -Rogue Zero -Rooler -Rude Awakening -Ruffneck -Ruffian -RVAGE -RWND -Sacerdos Vigilia -Sanctuary -Scarra -Sephyx -Sequence -Shivanki -Shockrage -Sickmode -Sins Of Insanity -So Juice -Solstice -Somniac One -Soulblast -Sound Rush -Spiady-Spitnoise -Spoontechnicians -Sprinky -Squeaky Clean -St. Benhard -Stephen Game -Stormerz -STUK -Sub Sonik -Sub Zero Project -Sugar Punch -Sunny D -Synergy -System Overload -T-Go -Tanukichi -Tatanka -TCM -Telefoon DJ Merlijn -Terror Sitdown -TerrorClown -Tha Playah -Tham -Tha Watcher -The Dark Horror -The Darkraver -The DJ Producer -Thera -The Dope Doctor -The Gang -The HouseFreakerz -The Outside Agency -The Pitcher -The Purge -The Satan -The Savage Squad -The Sickest Squad -The Silence -The Straikerz -The Viper -TNT -Tommyknocker -Toontje Vager -Trespassed -Triptolemus -Unexist -Unfused -Unproven -Unresolved -Vaagrid -Vandal!sm -Vasto -Vertile -Vexxed -Vicente One More Time -Villain -Vince -Voidax -Vyral -Warface -Wasted Penguinz -Waverider -Wes S -Wildstylez -William Jordens -Xception -Yoshiko -Zany -Zatox -Zyon