Felix Jaehn kicks off 2024 with the release of his latest track, “Waking Up”, in collaboration with Leony

After a sensational 2023, international DJ Felix Jaehn has kickstarted 2024 with an electrifying new hit in collaboration with Leony. Known for capturing the essence of vibrant parties and festivals in his music, his latest release ‘Waking Up’ is set to become the go-to track to start early and difficult mornings.

This track is a harmonious blend of retro ‘80s sounds, electronic vibes and an infectious party beat, all complemented by the strong and catchy vocals of Leony. The lyrics capture the universal struggle of facing the morning, with lyrics such as “My feelings like my liquor bottled up, It’s 10 am, don’t think I can get up, I need to get on top of all this stuff.” 

Reflecting on the creation of the song, Felix Jaehn reminisces, “We were hanging out on a trip in November, sitting by the pool. Leony showed me some ideas for her new music. When we played the first version of “Waking Up,” everyone around us knew it was something special.” 

Felix Jaehn and Leony’s musical partnership traces back to 2019 when they became friends in Berlin. This collaboration is a true testament to their friendship and embraces a fusion of fun and creativity. The timing of the release couldn’t be more fitting, bidding farewell to the old year and welcoming the new one with infectious beats, enthusiasm and uplifting vibes. 

Felix Jaehn is an award-winning German DJ and music producer known for his captivating remixes and hits such as Ain’t Nobody, Call It Love and Do It better. In collaboration with Leony, he adds a new dimension to their creative musical journey. 

‘Waking Up’ is out now on Virgin Records