Felix Jaehn Unleashes VIP Mix of Hit ‘Monster’ With Don Diablo on Virgin Records

Electronic music aficionados are in for a treat, as today Felix Jaehn unveils their VIP mix of ‘Monster’ with Don Diablo, giving fans a fresh new tune for the summer season. The VIP mix promises to build on the wide success of the original single, amping up the energy to new heights. This special VIP mix not only amplifies the original’s intensity, but also highlights Felix Jaehn’s commitment to creating music that moves people both physically and emotionally.

An irresistible homage to the iconic 90s rave sound, skillfully intertwined with Felix Jaehn’s contemporary and unique style, the VIP Mix of ‘Monster’ is set to become a must-play anthem from club nights to the biggest music festivals around the world. With infectious vocals and mesmerizing, trance-like beats, ‘Monster’ [VIP Mix] promises an exhilarating journey for listeners, elevating their energy levels to pure rave euphoria.


The VIP Mix showcases Felix Jaehn’s ability to evolve and adapt while staying true to their widely acclaimed production prowess. After a powerful comeback marked by a series of dancefloor anthems, Felix Jaehn continues to push boundaries and redefine electronic dance music. Their latest remix is a celebration of their versatility and worldwide hits known for giving the crowd an unforgettable music experience.

Fans and DJs alike can look forward to adding this explosive track to their playlists. Felix Jaehn x Don Diablo – ‘Monster’ VIP Mix is out today on Virgin Records and available on all major streaming platforms, ready to set every dancefloor ablaze.