„Pedro“ goes mainstage: W&W remix viral mega-hit

It is the most popular meme on the international social media market and a must-have in every party

playlist at the moment: The rotating raccoon and its viral song „Pedro“ by Jaxomy x Agatino Romero

x Raffaella Carrà.

After millions of views and recreations, the raccoon and its song are now ready to conquer the

festival mainstages this summer and have chosen the perfect DJ partners for this: W&W. The Dutch

power duo are already experts when it comes to viral songs, having already triumphed over the

social media world with tracks like „Thank You (Not So Bad)“ and „Heaven Is A Place On Earth“. Their

remix of „Pedro“ transforms the internet raccoon into a true raver and gives the track the perfect

festival vibe with techno beats and big room elements.

Get ready to rave with W&Ws “Pedro” version on May 24, 2024 on all streaming platforms and for


DJ- and Producer-Duo W&W dominates dance floors and festivals around the globe. Formed in 2007,

these two are known for their high energy, genre-blending festival music and have been ranked in DJ

Mag’s Top 20 spots for over a decade. Reaching over 8 million monthly listeners on Spotify, their

productions are championed by fans and artists alike for their magnitude, diversity and massive

appeal to multiple audiences. There is no doubt that they are pioneers in the main stage electronic

dance music scene. With the rise of their Rave Culture label, and the impact of their NWYR trance

alias, W&W are pushing the limits and making a lasting impact.

Jaxomy was born and raised in Berlin, a city known for its vibrant and diverse music scene. His sound

is heavily influenced by his love for tech house music, a genre that is characterized by its energetic

beats and catchy melodies. He is known for his ability to seamlessly blend different styles and genres

into his sets, creating a unique and dynamic sound that never fails to get the dance floor moving.

Jaxomy’s latest hit „Pedro“, which he produced together with Agatino Romero, is currently taking the

streaming portals and TikTok by storm and has already reached the top 5 charts in Germany. But

Jaxomy has already released numerous tracks that have been praised by the music press, DJs and

fans alike and have already reached millions of listeners.