Reinier Zonneveld Debuts His AI Live Music Project At Brand New R² Festival

The World’s first Live AI back2back set between Human and Computer 

R² Festival will take place at the legendary Spaarnwoude site and will feature stage hostings by Kompass, Amnesia Pyramid, De Marktkantine, STOOR, The Beginning, Filth On Acid, and Unreal, and will see the debut of Reinier Zonneveld’s R² AI live music project

Renowned electronic music artist Reinier Zonneveld is set to unveil a revolutionary addition to his live performances at his own upcoming festival, taking place at the iconic location of the Spaarnwoude on August 17th. Zonneveld will be the first artist ever to integrate his specially-crafted AI model, R², into a live electronic music set, promising an experience like no other for electronic music enthusiasts worldwide.

Over the past few years, Zonneveld has fine-tuned R², a cutting-edge AI model that transcends conventional boundaries in music production and performance. The groundbreaking R² AI was trained on over 2000 hours of Reinier Zonneveld’s original music and recordings from more than 1000 live shows spanning the artist’s illustrious 15-year career. With a specific focus on capturing Zonneveld’s celebrated improvisational style, R² is a unique and innovative partner in live music performance, setting new standards by seamlessly composing real-time tracks based on Zonneveld’s extensive repertoire.

In addition to the R² mainstage, there will be seven other stages at the festival hosted by music institutions, labels, and clubs pivotal in Reinier Zonneveld’s history. The Beginning will be featured to pay homage to the illegal rave movement that gave birth to Reinier Zonneveld’s career, while De Marktkantine, the extinct nightlife institution from Amsterdam, is set to revive the energy felt during the many infamous Reinier Zonneveld all-nighters. STOOR, the pure improvisation audio-visual experience created by techno icon Speedy J, where image and sound become a symbiosis of unbridled electronics, will see Karl Klomp directing the stage design, lighting, and a team of video artists. The Unreal concept, straight from Bootshaus in Cologne, will bring a darker and heavier rave sound to those who want to enjoy harder techno at R², while the Amnesia’s Pyramid concept, where Zonneveld had his first-ever Ibiza residency in 2023, brings the Ibiza vibe to Dutch grounds. Kompass Klub will make its way from Belgium to showcase its intense, passionate atmosphere, and Reinier’s own Filth On Acid imprint is set to showcase some of the label boss’ personal favorite artists.

“I’ve always been excited about pushing boundaries and integrating technology in my performances. Last year, I broke the Guinness World Record for the longest live electronic music set at my own Karren Maar Festival. This year, With R², we’re taking that ethos to new heights. This isn’t just about playing music; it’s about crafting an experience that transcends expectations. I’m super excited to have all these iconic stage hosts at my festival, where R² and I will lead you on a journey into uncharted sonic territory, redefining what’s possible in live performances,“ says Reinier Zonneveld.

Festival-goers can expect an electrifying showcase of Reinier Zonneveld’s iconic sound, elevated to unparalleled heights by the innovative integration of R². This feat is a continuation of Reinier Zonneveld’s innovative approach to challenging himself to reach new milestones in his live sets. Last August, the artist set an entire new Guinness World Record at his own Karren Maar Festival for the longest live electronic music set with original music only.

Tickets for the festival are now on sale, providing attendees with the opportunity to experience the premiere of Reinier Zonneveld’s R², alongside an impressive lineup featuring top acts from the techno scene and beyond.

For more information on the festival visit the website and for pre-registration for tickets, click here.