Robin Schulz and Topic – „One By One“ feat. Oaks

Robin Schulz and Topic join forces for new dance anthem „One By One“

Featuring Oaks aka Swedish singer Winona Oak

OUT 19.01.2024

In a symphony of beats and neon lights, German DJ/producer powerhouses Robin Schulz and Topic join forces with Swedish sensation Oaks aka Winona Oak to present their latest sonic creation, „One By One.“ The collaboration, born from friendship and a shared musical vision, marks the reunion of talents responsible for previous hits like „In Your Arms (For An Angel)“ and „Oxygen.“

Robin Schulz, Germany’s most successful international solo artist of all time, and Topic, also a chart-topping German artist with a global streaming presence, seamlessly blend their DJ prowess in this track. Together, they take listeners on a nocturnal joyride through the city, where the pulse of young love beats in the backseat: “We got all we need / Dancing in the dark to your heartbeat“. The outside world is far away right now. All that matters is the here and now. 

The enchanting vocals of Oaks, (Winona Oak’s new electronic alter ego) weave a captivating narrative, oscillating between ethereal verses and anthemic choruses. Robin Schulz and Topic, the sonic architects behind the production, craft an immersive experience with hypnotic basslines, sparkling synth soundscapes, and a tantalizingly dark allure. „Pour up the memories, one by one“ – tonight, memories are being created that will last forever.

Robin Schulz and Topic recently presented their collaboration to an enthusiastic crowd at a joint New Year’s Eve set in Dubai, setting the stage for its official release under Warner Music Central Europe. The music video, shot against the dazzling backdrop of Dubai, which features all three artists, can be viewed live today at 5pm CET and streamed via here. It was produced by Raw Souls, the creative minds behind Robin Schulz’s previous videos for „Sweet Goodbye“ and „Killer Queen“.

This collaboration not only underscores the musical chemistry between Robin Schulz, Topic, and Oaks, but also highlights their collective history: Schulz and Topic previously joined forces with Nico Santos and Paul van Dyk back in 2022 for the track „In Your Arms (For An Angel)“, Winona Oak contributed her mysterious voice to „Oxygen,“ a track released through Robin’s label Mentalo Music in 2020. 

“One By One“ by Robin Schulz x Topic feat. Oaks is available on all streaming platforms now via Warner Music Central Europe.