The mission of Unfold.art can be succinctly summarized: “to show something to people that they’ve never seen before”. The medium for doing so is bringing large-scale kinetic light installations to black box spaces around the world and combining them with music to create stimulating audiovisual wonderlands. These worlds would be designed to be accessed by a range of audiences and ages, expanding their reach way beyond the ‘club’ space they first found success with.


Unfold.art’s journey started by bringing light artist Christopher Bauder and musician Kangding Ray’s incredible SKALAR installation to Amsterdam. Exploring the complex impact of light and sound on human perception, its 26-residency at the Gashouder drew over 56,000 attendees and featured a performance from scene-leading DJ, Peggy Gou. Creating an impressive proof-of-concept, it made for a very successful launch.


Unfold.art was spawned from the success of Audio Obscura, the Amsterdam-based electronic music events company that garnered fame for putting dance music in unusual, off-limits locations like national museums and concert halls. Their events have always put a strong focus on visuals and lighting, and through making contact with cutting edge artists in these fields, the team realized they needed a new platform to explore the scale and complexity of some of their ideas.


The complexity and scale of ambitious light installation projects require sizable funding, and Unfold.art’s model maximises the ability for creators to bring their concepts to life. Combining an art installation, live music gigs and DJ raves all in one place, Unfold.art is able to reach three different audiences and capture the biggest footfall possible—potentially much bigger than an exhibition which isn’t able to stay open into late night hours.


Unfold.art sees itself as a facilitator for these genius minds, working with them to ensure the perfect harmony between their creations, the spaces chosen to host them and the music that is paired with them. The aim is to help these artists to create their dream show, with as few limitations as possible.


Now expanding into a touring series, Unfold.art will soon be enjoyed by audiences around the world, positioning it as the global leader in immersive art experiences. Scouring the landscape for the most exciting artists, Unfold.art will stage an exciting new concept every year and bring it to key cities across the globe.